So early. Sitting in the Columbia Airport waiting for my flight… off to Dallas for the AIGA Leadership Retreat.

About a decade ago, I gave my AT-AT to my Star Wars obsessed nephews. Today, it’s coming home with my Star Wars obsessed son.

I bought a really large sketchbook. Now after years of using smaller sketchbooks, it’s really challenging to use the entire page. Weird.

Working in a coffee shop this morning and listening to a designer at the next table over try to explain the concept of audience to a client. (He’s doing a very good job, by the way…)

Immediately after finishing Rogue One, my son insists that we watch A New Hope because fake Princess Leia said “hope.”

Watching Rogue One at home. Fake Peter Cushing bothered me in the movie theater, but it doesn’t seem so bad on my TV.

Spending some time playing around with Micro.Blog… Getting proper avatars set up. Configuring my account. Testing Twitter cross posting. Really impressed so far, even though the service is still in its infancy.