I think one of the most exciting things about Micro.Blog is that there isn’t really a right or wrong way to set things up, yet. Enjoying the process of testing and experimenting.

I’m confused about how different parts of Micro.Blog are related. My own posts in my feed, my profile page and my hosted blog all show different things… I kind of expected that they would all be mostly the same.

Success. It looks like Micro.Blog is recognizing the posts coming out of Squarespace. Really excited about how this can work. I’m going to keep experimenting…

I’m trying to figure out how the Feeds feature of Micro.Blog works. If I add an RSS feed, where does it show up? It’s not showing up on my page… so I’m not sure if it’s working.

Back to playing around with Micro.Blog. Trying to figure out how to integrate the service into my normal routine. Especially curious if I can make it work with my Squarespace site in some way.

So early. Sitting in the Columbia Airport waiting for my flight… off to Dallas for the AIGA Leadership Retreat.

About a decade ago, I gave my AT-AT to my Star Wars obsessed nephews. Today, it’s coming home with my Star Wars obsessed son.

I bought a really large sketchbook. Now after years of using smaller sketchbooks, it’s really challenging to use the entire page. Weird.

Working in a coffee shop this morning and listening to a designer at the next table over try to explain the concept of audience to a client. (He’s doing a very good job, by the way…)

Immediately after finishing Rogue One, my son insists that we watch A New Hope because fake Princess Leia said “hope.”